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2018 Saints MatchGrants Program

Files to explain and guide you through MatchGrants

2018 Saints MatchGrants In Brief and Q&A
For Saints members who make a voluntary donation to eligible organizations, this tells you how to request that the Saints make a matching donation.

2018 MatchGrants Info for Organizations
For organizations who receive voluntary donations from Saints members, this tells you what to do to receive a matching donation from the Saints.

2018 Saints MatchGrants Fillable Form
This is the form to use, by members and organizations, when making a donation
. Note that it will ask the member and the organization to provide a digital signature.

2018 Digitally Signing Your Saints MatchGrant Form
Here are step-by-step instructions on how to digitally sign the MatchGrants fillable form. You may want to open it in a separate window while you're filling out the form.

2018 Saints MatchGrants Eligible Organizations
Here's the list of organizations eligible to receive a matching grant.